The components of a video

No matter what type of video we make for you, these are the common elements to almost all videos as well as our process. It is important to note that the video production is a linear process. This means that we cannot do one step before the one before is completed: 1. Script writing 2. Voice over production 3. Animation
How many revisions do I get?

Making a video for your business that you will love is our number one priority. And we will work with you to do just that. But remember the sooner we get the thumbs up from you the sooner your video will be published. That said most of our clients keep their revisions to 1-2. 
Process & Timing 
How long does a video take?

Without doubt, this is one of the most commonly asked
questions about our process. The answer is not as simple
​as you would think and it’s not because we like to be vague.

if explainer videos were a language.. consider us fluent.

So what causes a variation in timing?

There are two things that cause timelines to change:

1) How long you take to provide feedback on various aspects of production
(script, voice over and the finished product).

Some clients come back with the information needed away. Other clients have a marketing guy, a CEO who all have to sign off. These clients can take weeks to get approval on each of the stages, not taking into account the time we need to actually do the work. So the speed of turnaround times is one of the things that causes large differences in delivery time.

2) How many revisions you request at each stage of production.

Obviously the fewer times we have to revise something, the less time it
will take to get your video. Some clients want the script revised twice,
the story board revised twice and the animation tweaked over and over.
Other clients require few or no changes. 
Here is our delivery time & process for each step

1. Script writing – 2 business days from your interview with our script writer. 
If revisions are required, those revisions will be delivered 1 business day from
when you provide them to our script writer.

2. Voice over production – 1-2 business days from the script being approved by you.

3. Animation – 5-7 business days from the time you approve the story board.

4. Revisions on any of the above – 2-3 business days.

​ *** With all of the above, these times are based on a standard video of 90 seconds
​ in length and a “normal” level of complexity. ***